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TWD Group współpracuje z podmiotami, wraz z którymi jest w stanie wyjść z kompleksową ofertą szkoleniową dla przewodników z psami. Naszymi partnerami są:

Tomasz Rutkowski

Passion Ring


Dog trainer, handler and helper. Several years of experience in working with dogs gained in Poland and abroad. Licensed French Ring helper. Mondioring instructor. Instructor and ring sports helper in many clubs in France. He has got many years of experience in working with handlers and service dogs of the uniformed units, including special units in the USA, Poland and other countries. Owner of the Passion Ring training centre. At TWD Group, he is responsible for the entire aspect concerning combat dogs and the distribution of bite suits and bite equipment.

Marta Lichnerowicz

Non-public Education Center Silva Lupus


Owner and manager of the Silva Lupus Non-public Education Centre. She graduated from the postgraduate course "Animal Psychology" at the Polish Academy of Sciences and from a veterinary technical school. She is a founder and initiator of the Dogtor Foundation, one of the first dog therapy organisations in Poland, as well as the Good Animals Foundation. She has completed a course for assistance dog trainers at Dogs for the Disabled in England, a course in dogs’ shelter management at Dogs Trust in London, a course in cat rescue management at Battersea shelter in London. She has attended and organised training courses with professionals such as Ian Dunbar, Adam Miklosi, Roger Abrantes, Sarah Fisher and Inki Sjosten. She runs a miniature pinscher kennel and a temporary home for dogs. At TWD Group she is responsible for trainings in i.e., learning theory and dog behaviour.

"Charming Corner"

Hotel and Training Centre
for Dogs


A professional hotel and training centre offering a comprehensive range of services in the areas of training, consultation, sales of dog accessories, dog care and complex training facilities and infrastructure. Thanks to our cooperation with the "Charming Corner", we have a heated hall and a floodlit training area at our disposal to organise courses, workshops and seminars.

Fundacja IRMA

Dogs in the Service of Man


A non-profit organisation dedicated to support and promote use of dogs in human service. The foundation focuses primarily on search and rescue services and supporting rescuers and their dogs in terms of knowledge and training. In cooperation with the foundation, we organise and support rescue dog training events.

Scandinavian Working Dog Institute



A Swedish organisation dedicated to training working dogs in tracking and scent detection consisting of scientists and instructors actively training uniformed services around the world. Since 2017, we have had the opportunity to collaborate, learn and gain current knowledge in the field of service dog trainings through regular participation in courses, trainings and integration camps for service dog handlers.


Accounting Services Office


An accounting office that we have worked with since the beginning of our business and that allows us to focus on our goals knowing that our financial and accounting matters are in good hands. A solid experience that gives us comfort and complete confidence. Thank you!

Our instructors have a wide range of experience in establishing collaborations and running diverse projects with the uniformed services as well as with scientists, professionals, and private clients from Poland and all around the world.

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